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Free legal advisory services


Free legal advisory services

The Bank’s business scope includes corporate and business consulting, civil and criminal litigation. In response to our clients’ objectives, our experienced team will deal with different litigation cases through effective professional methods and tactics. We are good at dealing with commercial disputes, shareholder disputes, intellectual property rights, debt recovery, company winding up, accident claims, labor disputes And property rights disputes and other litigation matters. With professional legal knowledge and experience, the Bank is committed to serving the customers with the principle of “customer-oriented”. Our professional team will listen and understand the real needs of our clients. We will provide customers with the most appropriate services. Of the legal services. Therefore, if the client encounters a legal problem and wants to seek assistance from a professional, the Bank will provide a free legal advisory service to provide preliminary legal analysis, advice and advice to clients on how to deal with their legal issues. We are willing to share and resolve the troubles for our customers. We welcome inquiries from those who have legal problems.

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