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Benny Yeung

As a company with more than 20 years in business, it might require a lot of cooperation and assistance in many ways to stand firm. With a team of professional, sophisticated legal consultants to serve is hence becoming indispensable. The team may provide expertise wit...

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Maggie Kwok

Spa collection Group highly recommend Yiu and Associates, Solicitors for Legal Consultant, their teams are enthusiastic and professional, they provide us a valuable seminar for Trade Description Ordinance and always helpful in providing practical advise to our group a...

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Steven Lam

Yiu & Associates, Solicitors demonstrate their excellent services with their vital, forward-looking and efficient team. The team is familiar with and closely follows the market trend. They understand each of our details sincerely and patiently, they then make prof...

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Edwin Lee

Bridgeway Prime Shop Fund has been working closely with Yiu & Associates, Solicitors. They are our professional, efficient and trustworthy cooperation partner. Our clients come from different industries and backgrounds, who encounter various kinds of legal issues...

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KK Yuen

榴槤BB 作為一間短時間內急速發展、業務遍布中國、新加坡、馬來西亞、泰國、香港及澳門的垂直型榴槤食品企業(由果園、工廠生產、 推廣以至零售),遇到的挑戰與機遇,遠遠超過我們兩年前初創時的預期。 面對急速發展及不同的挑戰時,Yiu & Associates., Solictors 團隊,除了提供專業的法律意見外, 更讓我們感到萬分安心的是他們一直把我們的問題,當作他們自己的問題處理;他們把我們的生意,當作他們的生意那麼緊張看待。 能夠找到 Yiu & Associates., Solictors 團隊幫手是我們的幸運。誠意推薦!...

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Apple Kong

陽光洗衣集團作為全香港分店最多,接觸客戶層面最廣的洗衣公司,在業務發展中,不時需要專業法律意見,包括,合約制訂,特許經營、版權、知識產權,等等。 姚文鑫律師行是我和我的管理層團隊最為喜歡聘用的,他們具有經驗而且充滿熱誠的同事,為我們提供快捷、可靠的專業意見。 對於我們正在起飛中的業務,擔當著重要的角色。...

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Daisy Chow

泰美科技成立至今超過二十年,偶然會遇上商業糾紛,因管理層已修讀基本法律課程,故一般會自行處理。早年認識姚文鑫律師行,偶然提及業務上遇到的煩惱, 每每能獲得即時解答及專業到位的法律意見。當遇上緊急事故發生時總能簡單易明地分析事件,反應敏捷一針見血,即時緩解緊張憂慮的情緒,令人安心放心,所以管理層都改變了自行處理法律相關問題, 改為信賴姚文鑫律師行的專業意見! 泰美科技信賴其團隊專業、可靠、熱誠及認真的處事態度,並給予高度評價!姚文鑫律師行是泰美科技委託專業法律顧問服務的不二之選,誠意向你推介!...

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Bill Chan

Enterbay經常與不同國際品牌及公司合作,對商業法律服務及品牌維護服務的要求都很高。 姚文鑫律師行對商業法律及知識產權的熟悉及專業態度都有很好的水平,這正符合我們的需要,我們一直信任他們的出色表現, 令我們很放心讓他們處理公司內的法律事宜及作出諮詢,他們對商業法律的了解及熟悉,也大大加快了商務合作上的發展; 對我們而言,姚文鑫律師行絕對是一個穩健專業的強大後盾!...

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June Leung

Beacon Group, as an educational institution, should set an example of being law-abiding to the public, where Yiu & Associates Solicitors plays a vital role. Apart from preventing us from legal disputes, it also helps to safeguard our legitimate rights through its ...

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Rick Woo

As a digital agency, we are serving quite a lot clients on mobile applications design and development since 2010, the project scope and contract are very imperative to nail down the details and deliverables, thus we choose Yiu & Associates, Solicitors on our contr...

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