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A civil action is a legal dispute involving two or more persons and/or corporations, seeking monetary compensation or specific enforcement. If the parties involved in a dispute fail to settle the dispute on their own, our litigation team will represent the client in court trials, arbitration and/or mediation, and assist the client in commencing...more

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Corporate and Commercial Advising

Our firm provides a wide range of corporate and commercial advising to all types of companies. We focus on targeting our client’s real needs and business considerations, and we assist clients in tailoring commercial contracts to suit their business requirements and to minimize any future disputes. Our team aims to provide clients with detailed...more


Intellectual Property  

Our firm provides a wide range of legal services in the area of intellectual property, including the enforcement of court proceedings to protect intellectual property rights, the drafting of franchise agreements, and providing legal advice on how to protect our client’s intellectual property rights. Our services include...more

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Criminal Defense

Our services cover all aspects of criminal defense. Throughout all stages of the criminal litigation process, our team will provide professional, effective, fast and confidential legal advice to our clients and attend court hearings on behalf of our clients, in order to best resolve their issues and strive for the most favourable results.